Scripts by Drops Review // Can it Really Help Me Learn? (2023)

Our Honest Thoughts on the Lesser-Known Scripts by Drops App

Scripts by Drops Review: 6.5/10
An app specifically for those languages with different scripts, Scripts by Drops is the perfect app for a Chinese learner. Although, you’ll only get 5 minutes of practice time every 10 hours and it’s mainly for beginners and intermediate learners.

It’s time for another Chinese learning app review!
Updated for 2023.

There are so many language learning apps offering to help your Chinese language learning. Choosing the right one is not easy!

It can be very difficult to navigate through them all and decide which one suits your language level.

But, hopefully here at LTL we can be your app guide!

Scripts by Drops is a lesser-known one at present. Developed by the same creators behind Drops, Scripts is an app that specifically targets writing!

It is a wonderful app that you can easily download onto your phone, here’s our review.

#1 Drops Scripts App Review // Pros & Cons

#2 Drops Scripts App Review // Introduction (+ Key Stats)

#3 Drops Scripts App Review // Subscription / Fees / App Comparisons

#4 Drops Scripts App Review // How to Use the App

#5 Drops Scripts App Review // Premium Subscription – Worth it?

#6 Drops Scripts App Review // Where to Download

#7 Drops Scripts App Review // Conclusion

#8 Drops Scripts App Review // FAQs

Scripts by Drops Review // Pros & Cons

1. 5-minute limitation means it’s concentrated learning for just 5 minutes; accessible to everyone, not overwhelming, and you make sure you get the most out of your 5 minutes! 1. Not great for advanced learners, and better suited to beginners and intermediate learners.
2. Great, simple, and easy-to-approach method to memorise characters with nice images to link to character meanings. 2. Free version only lets you practice for 5 minutes every 10 hours.
3. Premium subscription includes both Drops and Scripts by Drops apps (giving you access to over 45 languages). 3. Useful for writing on physical paper practice but this is rarely needed today due to technology advancements. Nevertheless, an important skill to have in any language.
Scripts by Drops Pros & Cons

Scripts by Drops Review // Introduction (+Key Stats)

Scripts by Drops Key Stats

NameScripts by Drops App (also Drops & Droplets)
Description“Stroke by stroke, Scripts helps you learn to write character-based languages with fun, immersive game-like lessons. Learn a new writing system for free.” (Scripts by Drops)
No. of Languages Offered7 (but also 45+ on Drops app).
Price$14.49 / $142.99 / $174.99 (includes Drops app)
Scripts by Drops App Key Stats

Learning how to remember to write Chinese Characters is tremendously difficult. Especially when nowadays everything can be written using the Chinese keyboard on your phone.

Are you ready to write!

Fact: Did you know that there is an idiom to describe this?

It is 提笔忘字: tíbǐwàngzì – the Chinese idiom used to describe the difficulty of remembering how to write Chinese characters!

But don’t worry! Hopefully this app by Drops can make your learning process a tad easier!

Scripts goes in-depth on each character and encourages you to write it many times through a series of mini-games and tests.

This app makes learning fun!

Designed for visual learners it is a learning platform that can help you master the Chinese writing system.

You can log into Scripts with your email address, Facebook, Google or Apple details.

Choose the language you wish to learn, and go on a new language-learning adventure!

How many language can you speak now and what other languages do you want to learn? Comment us below please and maybe you will find a partner.

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Drops Scripts Review // Subscription / Fees / App Comparisons

Scripts by Drops App Premium

In order to get the most out of Scripts by Drops (and study for more than 5 minutes) you’ll need a premium subscription. (See below for more info on whether we think it’s worth it).

Drops Subscription (Includes Scripts by Drops)Price (USD$)
Annual$142.99 (annually for two years)
Scripts by Drops Subscription Fees

Price Comparisons

(Other popular Chinese language learning apps)

Language Learning AppMonthlyAnnuallyLifetime
Memrise$8.49$59.99 $119.99
Drops App (includes Scripts by Drops)$14.49$142.99 (annually for two years)$174.99
ItalkiN/A (pay per lesson)N/A (pay per lesson)N/A (pay per lesson)
Busuufrom $9.99from $69.96N/A
Best Chinese Learning Apps Price Comparison Table (2023)

Scripts by Drops // How to Use It?

For first-time users, its simple interface means Drops Scripts is very easy to use.

They do offer other character-based languages such as Korean Hangul but for Chinese select Chinese Hanzi.

The dashboard is very user-friendly.

Let’s dive in! There are three main functions:

  • Topics
  • Collection
  • Profile
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TOPICS Section

The topics listed in the free version (more about this later) teach you the foundation Kangxi radicals.

In this category you’ll study the basics of Chinese, starting with learning the radicals, and how to write the characters and their stroke order by tracing them on the screen.

These radicals are split up into several categories such as 人- 一 , so to start simply choose one you want to learn.

Each new word will ‘drop’ from the top of your screen with the characters, pinyin, translation and an animated illustration to help you remember it visually.

You then have two choices, drag the word down to save it and learn it, or drag the word up to hide it if you are not ready or do not want to learn it yet.

In this way, you can personalise the next games and the content you wish to study.

This app is perfect for beginners as it helps you visualize each character!

For example with the character 人 rén (for person) it helps you remember this new word by placing an image of man behind the character.

The idea is similar to that of Chineasy.

Learning Chinese radicals allows you to study the meaning and even the pronunciation of a character.

By learning radicals, it will help you to group characters with similar components according to their semantic (meaning) or phonetic (pronunciation) characteristics.

Scripts can help you learn characters easier and faster.

With this app on hand, it can aid you to swiftly memorize new Chinese characters.


This section tracks your progress. You can see how far along you are in remembering a character.

Notice on the right-hand corner of the ‘screen-grab’ in the middle, there is a timer!

This app limits your learning time to 5 minutes each day. By limiting your learning time, it makes the app incredibly addictive.

Starting a new language can be a challenge but everyone always has 5 minutes to spare.

If you want to learn for longer then I would suggest upgrading – as you can then modify your session length respectively.

Alternatively, you could just wait the 10 hours for another 5 minutes to learn more!

Bonus: You can always restart a topic and practice again!


This section helps you manage your account. You can set up daily notifications and upgrade to premium in this section.

You can also track your progress! For example, if you are a keen learner and practice every day for 5 minutes, you can claim a reward – this is most likely more free learning time.

Scripts by Drops Review // Premium Subscription – Worth it?

Scripts by Drops is a free app with a Premium subscription, the same as most language learning apps.

What are the advantages of a premium subscription, then?

Premium Bundle:

  • Access to BOTH Scripts and Drops Premium
  • Unlimited practice session times
  • Master more topics
  • No ads and offline access
  • Available in all languages

The Premium plans are very standard with a monthly (£9.49/month), yearly (£24.49) and lifetime plan (£159.99).

Scripts by Drops // Where to Download?

After reading our review why not download the app and give it a go!

You can download the app from both the Apple Store and Google Play. Follow the links below to download them:

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Scripts by Drops // Conclusion

This app teaches many you new things.

If you are an advanced learner I would say this app isn’t the best for you but if you are a complete beginner this a great way to get started!

Although advanced learners might find it useful to revise writing characters and their respective stroke order.

In my opinion, this app does not particularly suit me as with technology advancing so rapidly I rarely find myself writing with a pen and paper.

Another downside of this app is that it only lets you practice for 5 minutes each day! If you want more minutes you have to pay.

Indeed, the 5 minutes approach to learning unless you make notes might be difficult for complete beginners to remember after their session the specific stroke for each character they have learned.

Scripts by Drops Score: 6.5/10

Scripts by Drops // FAQs

Can Scripts really help my language learning?

Any learning app is good for your studying! Its easy interface will hopefully make it addictive for you.

I would highly recommend this app if you are a beginner and have an interest in Chinese Characters.

Should I download Drops as well?

That depends! Have a think about what your learning goal is.

Scripts is targeted for learning how to write characters so the content is a bit limited.

If you are eager to learn more then why not download Drops as well.

Scripts is a good companion app to learn alongside Drops!

Where to download Drops?

Drops is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store, as well as in your browser.

Drops on Apple Store

Drops on Google Play Store

Drops’ website

Can I become a master in writing Chinese using Scripts?

Perhaps. If you practice everyday and perhaps download the Premium combo together with Drops, then you can certainly fast track your learning process!

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  1. Paul H.

    Great review and thank you for putting this app into the spotlight! I definitely need to download this app, I especially struggle in remembering the specific strokes for all the characters I have learnt so far!