Top Vietnamese Songs (For Learning The Language)

Vietnamese Songs 🎶 Listen To These Fabulous 5 For Fluency

Mastering Vietnamese is not easy for non-native speakers but there are some unexpectedly great learning tools – one of those is listening to Vietnamese songs!

There is a saying in Vietnamese: Phong ba bão táp không bằng ngữ pháp Việt Nam

TRANSLATION – The hardships of struggling with a violent storm don’t compare to the hardships of mastering Vietnamese grammar.

Opening a text book and grinding through grammar isn’t often a barrel of laughs but listening to music is!

It may turn out to be a much easier way to understand the language.

In this article, we will discover the 5 most popular Vietnamese songs with easy-to-remember lyrics.

Never underestimate the power of music, media and song for learning a language, here are some other examples we’ve written about before:

Anyway time to crack onto the best Vietnamese songs to learn Vietnamese… let’s rock ‘n roll!

Best Vietnamese Song #1 – Sài Gòn Cafe Sữa Đá by Ha Okio

Best Vietnamese Song #2 – Xin Chào Việt Nam by Thuy Chi

Best Vietnamese Song #3 – Vietnam Oi by Minh Beta

Best Vietnamese Song #4 – Ghen Cô Vy by NIOEH x Khac Hung x Min x ERIK

Best Vietnamese Song #5 – Để Mị nói cho mà nghe by Hoang Thuy Linh 

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Vietnamese Songs – Sài Gòn Cafe Sữa Đá by Ha Okio

TRANSLATED TITLE – Saigon Iced Coffee with Milk

A wonderfully apt title for the first song, given the fact that Iced Coffee is huge in Vietnam!

You can kill two birds with one stone by listening to this song:

The lyrics are simple, teaching you how to say “order” (cho tôi) and also describe some locations such as a park (công viên) and street shops (quán xá), etc. in Vietnamese.

Learn Vietnamese with Annie also has a video teaching you to sing the song, whilst also analysing the lyrics and story behind the song.

Check it out below.

Some Lyrics from the Song

Nắng sớm mưa chiều (Morning sun and afternoon rain)

Muốn nói bao điều (How many things do you want to say?)

Người người còn nhắc đến mai sau (People still talk about the future)

Sài Gòn cafe sữa đá (Saigon iced milk coffee)

Vẫn sẽ như thế khi đón khi đưa (It will still be the same when picking up and dropping off)

Vietnamese Songs – Xin chào Việt Nam by Thuy Chi


“Bonjour Vietnam” (later known by its English version – Hello Vietnam) is a song composed by Marc Lavoine and recorded by Vietnamese-Belgian singer Quynh Anh.

Lavoine said he was impressed by Quynh Anh’s charm and talent as well as being touched by the feeling of a singer who had never seen her homeland, so he wrote the song as a gift for her.

The song expresses the feelings of Vietnamese people who were born overseas and who may never have experienced Việt Nam’s history, people, and culture.

FUN FACT – If you travel by Vietjetair, you will hear this song once the flight is landed.

Check out the Vietnamese version by singer Thuy Chi below.

Some Lyrics from the Song

Ước mong về thăm đất nước tôi (I wish to visit my country)

Mong sao quê hương dang tay đón tôi (I wish for my homeland to welcome me with open arms)

Tôi sẽ thăm những dòng sông (I will visit the rivers)

Đồng quê xanh mát Việt Nam (The green countryside of Vietnam)

Vietnamese Songs – Vietnam Oi by Minh Beta


Vietnam Oi was written by Minh Beta – the founder of Beta Cineplex, one of the most popular movie theatre chains in Vietnam.

If you have lived in Việt Nam over the past few years, there is no doubt that you know this catchy tune as it is played at almost all football matches or events that represent Vietnamese culture.

This song is packed with national pride and was recently turned into a catchy corona-themed version.

Some Lyrics from the Song

Việt Nam hỡi… Việt Nam ơi… (Oh Vietnam… Oh Vietnam…)

Tự hào hát mãi lên Việt Nam ơi! (Proudly sink to Vietnam forever)

Việt Nam hỡi… Việt Nam ơi… (Oh Vietnam… Oh Vietnam…)

Tự hào hát mãi lên Việt Nam ơi! (Proudly sink to Vietnam forever)

Check out the new twist on Việt Nam Ơi here…

… or you can listen to the original version here.

Vietnamese Songs – Ghen Cô Vy by NIOEH x Khac Hung x Min x ERIK

TRANSLATED TITLE – Washing Hands Song

“Ghen Cô Vy” or the Washing Hand Song is a song and public service announcement released on Youtube on February 23, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam.

The song was written by Khắc Hưng and sung by Min and Erik and the meaning is rather obvious!

The song was created under a health communication project starting from the Vietnam National Institute of Occupational and Environmental Health (NIOEH), under the Ministry of Health.

Ghen Cô Vy and its washing hand challenge soon became viral on TikTok and the choreographer Quang Đăng was featured in several newspapers such as HBO, CBS News.

Let’s learn and dance to the song that took Vietnam by craze in 2020!

Some Lyrics from the Song

Tuy nhỏ bé, nhưng mà em rất tàn ác (I’m small but I’m so cruel)

Bao người phải chết vì chính em (How many people had to die for me)

Tuy rằng khó, nhưng toàn dân đang cố gắng (Although it is difficult, we are all trying)

Không để em tiếp tục lớn thêm (Don’t let me continue to grow)

Check out the song here!

Vietnamese Songs – Để Mị nói cho mà nghe by Hoang Thuy Linh 

TRANSLATED TITLE – Let me tell you something

“Để Mị nói cho mà nghe” is a song by Vietnamese singer Hoàng Thùy Linh, inspired by the short story A Phu Couple (Vợ chồng A Phủ).

The lyrics are based on famous Vietnamese literature and mentions how women in the past did not enjoy the same freedom as they do today.

It has a pop like soundtrack, blending world music, folktronica, and future bass.

In the lyrics, the main character, Mị, expresses a desire to enjoy her youth by partying and freeing herself from all the superstition and stereotypes against women, and gender discrimination.

If you are a fan and regular user of Tiktok, you may have heard of “Để Mị nói cho mà nghe” as it blew up the platform in 2021.

Check out the song below.

Some Lyrics from the Song

Để Mị nói cho mà nghe (Let me tell you)

Để Mị nói cho mà nghe (Let me tell you)

Để Mị nói… (Let me say)

Vì Mị còn trẻ (Because I’m young)

What do you think of our selections? Which was your favourite Vietnamese song? Why not tell us below in the comments.

If we missed out your favourite tell us and we’ll happily listen and include it if we like it!

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Vietnamese Songs – FAQ’s

What is a popular song about Vietnam for native speakers?

Xin chào Việt Nam by Thuy Chi is a popular song in Vietnam.

This translates to Hello Vietnam in English.

How do you say “song” in Vietnamese?

Song in Vietnamese is bài hát.

How do you say “music” in Vietnamese?

Music in Vietnamese is Âm nhạc.

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