Learning a new language is always difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this short list of 10 tips to help you learn Korean online.

With the rise in popularity of Korean dramas, Kpop, and Korean movies alongside the popularization of the whole Korean culture, more and more people are flocking to learn Korean.

Some people think it’s easy to learn Korean, but as you should already know, learning a new language takes time and requires courage, motivation and rigour.

Korean is not an exception.

We hope these tips will help you reach the next level of learning, and perhaps become bilingual.

Best Ways to Learn Korean Online

Learn Korean Online – Tip 1 | Learn Hangul

Learn Korean Online – Tip 2 | Write & Translate K-Pop songs

Learn Korean Online – Tip 3 | Expose Yourself to Korean

Learn Korean Online – Tip 4 | Use Social Media

Learn Korean Online – Tip 5 | Enroll in a Course

Learn Korean Online – Tip 6 | Find Koreans Partners

Learn Korean Online – Tip 7 | Korean & English Words

Learn Korean Online – Tip 8 | Repetition & Daily Works

Learn Korean Online – Tip 9 | Have Goals

Learn Korean Online – Tip 10 | Come to South Korea

Tip 1: Learn Hangul

For those who don’t know, Hangul ν•œκΈ€ is the Korean alphabet. When you start learning Korean, the first thing you need to do is master Hangul.

Best Ways to Learn Korean Online - Learn Hangul

Learning Hangul is a piece of cake, you can learn it in just one afternoon. Quick, isn’t it?! It’s like the English alphabet, once you know it, you know it.

It may take a bit of work at first, but once you are familiar with Hangul, it will be much easier for you to continue working on your Korean skills and read it more fluently.

You are probably wondering “where can I learn Hangul?”. If you want to learn the Korean alphabet with us you have 2 choices:

Note – Flexi Classes has 4 classes dedicated to Hangul (Intro Level). That’s 4 hours in total – more than enough to get you on your feet with Hangul.

BONUS | Practice Hangul with our handwriting worksheet.

Tip 2: Write & Translate K-Pop songs

If you are a Kpop lover, you will like this tip. After learning hangul it is time to practice writing it.

Writing your favourite Kpop song, or any other Korean song you want, will help you feel comfortable when you have to write in Korean.

After writing the lyrics, the second step is to translate the song.

This will allow you to learn new vocabulary while discovering the meaning of your favourite Korean song!

You kill two birds with one stone.

Tip 3: Expose Yourself to Korean

If you want to improve your Korean, one of the best ways is to expose yourself as much as possible to the Korean language.

There is a lot of content in Korean that you can get your hands on. The first thing you think of is watching Korean dramas.

This will help your ear get used to hearing Korean and you will hear everyday conversations.

Two other platforms where you can be exposed to Korean are Youtube and Spotify. Watching videos or listening to podcasts are great ways to learn Korean while being entertained.

Another site that should be utilised is Vlive. On this platform, you can watch the lives/videos of your favourite celebrities and thus be exposed to Korean.

Tip 4: Use Social Media

You can learn Korean on several different platforms, but we don’t often think about Social Media.

Social Media is often a distraction that takes time and concentration away from our work.

But if you follow the right accounts, you can learn a lot.

For example, on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, you can find several accounts that offer content for learning Korean.

Once you follow the right accounts on social media, they are no longer a waste of time but become great tools for learning the language.

You will never again feel guilty for wasting an hour browsing social media.

As you can already guess, we are present on several different Social Media where we offer content to help you learn Korean and to share things about Korean culture.

Here is the list of our channels and accounts:

Of course, you won’t become fluent using just social media, but it’s such a fun way to learn new vocabulary or facts about Korea, why not try it!

Tip 5: Enroll in a Course With a Real Teacher

If you want serious results from your Korean studies, then you need solid foundations, good explanations, and a plan of attack!

Learning a language is not easy and sometimes you need help to go further in your learning.

This is where the online courses come in. Nowadays, it is increasingly easy to find online Korean courses.

You may be wondering, if LTL offers online courses? Well, the answer is yes, of course.

To understand how our online courses work, here is a video that introduces our Flexi Classes website.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free 7-day trial.

Check out Flexi Classes – 24/7 language learning

Tip 6: Find Koreans Partners to Learn Korean

This tip is an extension of the 2 previous points.

Making Korean friends on social media is a fantastic way to surround yourself with the language.

This allows you to practice your Korean while chatting with your friends and talking about your hobbies and putting into practice what you have learned in class.

This will allow you to get out of your comfort zone and help you become more fluent, but also more natural and native-like.

You will learn new words, slang, Korean expressions, and even curse words but you will also copy the tone and speed of speech of your partners.

It is very easy to find native Korean speakers.

For example, you can use the Hellotalk application to find a Korean partner or simply make friends on your social networks.

If you can’t find a Korean pen pal, you always have the option of talking to yourself. This is a good way to get used to speaking Korean out loud.

Tip 7: Learn Korean and English Words that Have Similarities

You may not believe us if we tell you that even without having learned Korean, you already know many Korean words.

Perhaps you already noticed this when watching Korean Dramas or just in your Korean learning, but there are a lot of Korean Loanwords (or Konglish) out there to learn.

For those who wonder, what Konglish is? The answer is really simple:

Konglish = Korean + English

Koreans took the English word and pronounced it in Hangul/Korean.

This is such great news for you if you want to learn Korean, as it is a motivating way to learn vocabulary more easily.

Let us give you some examples: πŸ‘‡

  • Cake – μΌ€μ΄ν¬ (keaikeu)
  • Chocolate – μ΄ˆμ½œλ¦Ώ (choko-lit)
  • Ice Cream – μ•„μ΄μŠ€ν¬λ¦Ό (iseu-keulim).
  • Hot Dog – ν•«λ„κ·Έ (hat-dogeu)
  • Menu – λ©”뉴 (menyu)
  • Sun Cream – μ„ ν¬λ¦Ό (seon-keulim)
  • Taxi – νƒμ‹œ (taegsi)
  • Team – νŒ€ (tim)
  • Smart/Hand Phone – ν•Έλ“œν° (haen-deu-pon)
  • Apartment μ•„νŒŒνŠΈ (a-pa-teu)

Isn’t it a good way to easily learn new Korean words?

Some infographics that you can download.πŸ‘‡

  • Korean Loanwords - Cake
  • Korean Loanwords - Chocolate
  • Korean Loanwords - Ice cream
  • Korean Loanwords - Hot dog
  • Korean Loanwords - Menu
  • Korean Loanwords - Sun cream
  • Korean Loanwords - Taxi
  • Korean Loanwords - Team
  • Korean Loanwords - Smart/ Hand Phone
  • Korean Loanwords - Apartment

Tip 8: Repetition & Consistency

Best Ways to Learn Korean Online - Repetition and daily works

Repetition is one the most important ways to learning a language. Consistency is key, like with anything in life.

You can’t remember a word that you only see once or twice, I know that because I can’t either!

Unless you are a very lucky or gifted individual of course!

You need to review grammar and vocabulary points very often if you don’t want to forget them. You will only realise what you have forgotten when you revise!

One thing you can do to help you learn faster and smarter is to create flashcards.

This is an amazing and very effective way to learn vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Tip 9: Have Goals

Why do you want to learn Korean?

This is a fundamental question you need to ask yourself at the start of your studies.

Knowing why you want to learn Korean will help you to remain motivated because you will want to achieve this goal.

Every person learns Korean for different reasons. Some people learn Korean to go to Korea and just have daily conversations.

Other people learn Korean so that they can work in South Korea.

But there are people who have shorter-term goals.

For example, for some people their goal will be to learn 20 vocabulary words in 1 week; for others, it will be to challenge themselves to pass the Topik in 3 months…

Finally, for some people, the goal is to become bilingual. As you can imagine, this is quite a long process, requiring motivation and hard work.

Tip 10: Come to South Korea

Last but not least, come to South Korea! What better way to learn Korean than to come to Korea?

Coming to Korea will allow you to immerse yourself in the Korean culture and language.

Your level of Korean will improve so much because you will be confronted with Korean all day, and you will have no choice but to speak Korean.

If you still don’t know we offer courses in South Korea!

Here’s the plan: you take a Korean language course, then go out on the streets of Korea to practice what you’ve learned in the course. Great, right?

Best ways to learn korean - Come to Korea
Check out LTL Korean language programs in Seoul!!!

Learn Korean Online – FAQ’s

What is Hangul?

Hangul ν•œκΈ€ is the Korean alphabet.

When you start learning Korean, the first thing you need to do is master Hangul.

Why is Korean so popular?

There are several possible reasons for this.

Korean Dramas and Korean music have gained popularity in recent years.

Korean films have also come to the forefront not only in Asian culture, but also worldwide.

For example Parasite or Train to Busan.

Many people in the West have quickly become fascinated with Korean and Korea as a country.

You just have to think about BTS and their global impact.

Can I learn Korean in South Korea?

Yes of course you can!

We offer classes in South Korea. You have 2 options:

Korean small group classes

Korean individual classes

What are some examples of Korean loanwords?

Here are some examples: πŸ‘‡

Cake – 케이크 (keaikeu)

Chocolate β€“Β μ΄ˆμ½œλ¦Ώ (choko-lit)

Ice Cream β€“Β μ•„μ΄μŠ€ν¬λ¦Ό (iseu-keulim).

Hot Dog – 핫도그 (hat-dogeu)

Menu – 메뉴 (menyu)

Sun Cream – 선크림 (seon-keulim)

Taxi β€“Β νƒμ‹œ (taegsi)

Team β€“Β νŒ€ (tim)

Smart/Hand Phone β€“Β ν•Έλ“œν° (haen-deu-pon)

ApartmentΒ μ•„νŒŒνŠΈΒ (a-pa-teu)

Don’t forget to check out our article for more Korean Loanwords.

Do you have a blog where I can learn more about Korea?

Yes we have. We have written several articles on different topics but with a link to Korea. Here are the latest ones:

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Where can I learn Korean grammar?

We have written an article on the top 5 basic grammar points.